AT Hamilton Reeves we are about people, understanding them as individuals, their ambitions and their motivation to achieve these ambitions. We spend such a significant amount of time working and we believe that each individual should be in a role that fulfils their basic motivational needs. Get this right and experience shows, that we human beings perform so much more effectively!

The consulting team at Hamilton Reeves is led by two individuals, who worked together in the recruitment industry in the late 1990s and who have subsequently developed a much broader portfolio of skills.

With a collective 40+ years experience within the recruitment and talent acquisition sector, coupled with executive coaching and HR qualifications, we are a fully comprehensive people management business.

Having experienced both consulting and in-house operational roles, we have the expertise to deliver bespoke solutions, which take into account our unique approach to providing a tailored service for each client. Our backgrounds ensure that we couple a great solution, with a time-scale, budget and implementation strategy that sees us transform your ideas and aspirations, into a living, breathing management team.

We utilise all the recognised methods available including Search, supported by our experienced Head of Research; Advertised Selection using the breadth of social and traditional media now available and you, the client. We are seeking to develop a relationship that engenders trust. We are able to trust in your honesty, challenges and future ambitions, and you are able to trust us in our process, our methodology and our judgement.

Global Search Partners

Hamilton Reeves Global Search Partners

Hamilton Reeves has Global Strategic Partnerships with carefully selected consultancies. We work closely with our Search Partners across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the US and Asia Pacific to source the best talent for your company.

Environmental Policy

Hamilton Reeves Environmental Policy

Hamilton Reeves actively promotes recycling internally and within its customers and suppliers. We work hard to minimise our waste and our impact on the environment. We endeavour to do business with environmentally responsible organisations.